About Us

Over 30 years in the business…

Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM) has been specialising in tuning cars for over 3 decades, Since the launch of the Nissan R35 GT-R we are the UKs’ & Europes’ leading authority on producing some of the fastest and highest powered GT-R’s all over the globe!

We are also the creators and designers of the ‘HULK’ our own demonstration car producing a mind altering 1200bhp +. As registered Trade Members of the GTROC and also winner of the Best GT-R 2011 please click on the link below to see some of the work we have carried out.

Our history…

Ironbridge Motor Works established in 1915 from the centre of Ironbridge, Kevan Kemp (Owner of SVM) started there in 1976 after leaving school.

In 1985 Severn Valley Motorsport was formed and both companies worked from the same premises in Ironbridge, with Ironbridge Motor works looking after the growing customer base, all general repairs, bodywork, welding, servicing and MOTs were carried out.

Severn Valley Motorsport specialised into the tuning scene. Now many people think that SVM Started on the Ford scene but actually the companies roots began with the original Japanese Cult Car the Datsun 240Z.

Back in the early 80’s Kev and most of the staff working for him all drove ‘Z’ Cars and gained the nickname of the ‘Z’ Shed. Carrying out the infamous Samurai Conversion (Consisting of a 6 Branch Janspeed Manifold, Triple Weber/Dellorto Carb’s and Highlift Cam).

Kev’s own 240Z was some what renowned and took on quite a radical conversion, something that was never seen before. A Bright Yellow 240Z which had the roof chopped off and turned into a convertible using a Triumph TR7 softtop, Ferrari 308 (Magnum P.i) style door conversion and a Rover V8 running Twin Turbo Conversion.

In 1986 Kev bit the bullet and bought 3 Door Ford Sierra Cosworth and took this along to the annual ‘Z’ meet together with the Yellow Convertible 240Z both cars created a massive stir and more so when the ‘Z’ made 280 bhp on the rollers compared to the Cossie’s 204 Bhp.

That’s when SVM involvement with the rising Ford scene took place and from early 1985 through to 1993 Ford tuning was SVM’s baby !; turbo conversions and performance up grades –in the 90s winning many national awards for their work, many of our vehicles were published in magazines and went to various shows all over the country. SVM became a worldwide known name in the tuning industry especially where Fast Fords were regarded.

One of our most Famous Conversions was a 500bhp + Ford KA on 19” Magnesium wheels and received World wide accolade.

SVM did not just stay with cars, for some time they ran a Cosworth engine Transit Van which received much accolade not only by Ford enthusiasts but anyone who was into the modifying scene.

Ironbridge became too small to house the business and in the late 90s SVM decided to move, now established in Madeley (Ironbridge road) the business and reputation has continued to grow.

Below are just a few snippets of the past history.

Years on and our Name still plays a presence on the “Ford” Scene, below is an extract from a Ford Forum below:

Severn valley motorsport just up the road from me built a 550 bhp cossie lumped KA a few years ago, when they first came out IIRC. that thing goes like holy sh*t! I haven't seen it for a while though. the engine was built by Ron Jones, the guy whos doing my mate's golf engine. very good with anything mechanical, Severn valley are legends at tuning fords" Due to the Recession in the early 90’s SVM widened it’s horizons as you have to with any business and expanded the general side of Madeley Station, currently doing over 60 MOT’s a day and having upto 80’s cars a day at a time keeps the staff well occupied. SVM have a strong 16 man team within 6000 square foot purpose built unit, incorporating 13 ramps and all the technical equipment required for a successful tuning out fit, including much diagnostic equipment and the Nissan Consult 3 for the R35 model. –Jason Harris