Hulk World Record

Nissan GT-R Hulk World Record

On 17th March 2012 Severn Valley Motorsport achieved a Top Speed of 218.01 Mph in “The HULK” @ RAF Marham. This is set a World record in the wet.

The Recording Equipment was provided by Racelogic and we thank them for the use of the following :

1 x Video VBOX PRO 20hz inc External GPS Antenna ( Fully Calibrated)
1 x Performance Box 10hz with External GPS Antenna (Fully Calibrated)
2 x Performance Box 10hz with Internal GPS Antenna (Fully Calibrated)
We were using the Perfomance Box 10 hz machines, the Video VBOX PRO is a 20hz unit and is more accurate. That is why we ran both types of units side by side. Hence the registered official speed is 218.01mph.

This is the highest recorded Top Speed for a R35 GT-R anywhere in the World (in wet conditions), heavy rain showers persisted during the course of the entire day.We have also been informed that there was a diagonal head wind against the car of approx 10mph.Bodes well for future runs, hopefully dry day and no headwind = Improved speed & Time!

As you can see from the video the GT-R did not achieve full throttle Acceleration until 4th gear, eating up valuable tarmac. The Distance from this point was well under 1 mile, however the total distance covered from 30mph to terminal speed was 1.1miles. We are very confident that the HULK will achieve 220mph in 1mile or less in the dry.

We are in discussions with RAF Marham about a return visit in the dry to better our own record!

We have been privileged enough to be given permission to use Video Footage of the Day by RAF Marham.

As you will see from the video at the end of the run area there are braking zones, the first one is 2 car widths wide and the 2nd one is 1 car width wide, not something that you wish to drive through at 220mph (The safety of both driver and car was of utmost importance so we aired on caution & Braked well before the 1st marker)