Brakes for Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Brakes

Over our years as specialists for the Nissan R35 GT-R we have tested a great deal of brake setups and have decided on which one we feel is the ‘best’ for our customers. As standard the Calipers on R35 GT-R’s from 2008 to date are made by Brembo and they work well, unfortunately however, they are mounted with OEM discs which are not up to the job and often crack.

2008 to 2011

Front Axles
Brembo 6 Pot Calipers
380mm x 34mm Drilled Rotors

Rear Axles
Brembo 4 Pot Calipers
380mm x 30mm Drilled Rotors

2012 to Current

Front Axles
Brembo 6 Pot Calipers
390 x 32.6mm Drilled Rotors

Rear Axles
Brembo 4 Pot Calipers
380mm x 30mm Drilled Rotors

In 2012, Nissan decided to increase the size of the Front Rotor (Disc) was increased and it improved braking performance. Still however, the brake disc rotor was prone to cracking. We are however able to offer a selection of brake packages which can cover both variants, the 380mm’s and the 390mm’s.

As mentioned, the OEM brake set up on the GT-R is very good, but where the brakes suffer the most is from the Rotor’s
cracking across the drilled parts.

Obviously each car is different, but we have noticed that drivers who are heavy on the brakes the result will be as shown in the picture above. It is a very common fault.

Almost immediately since the GT-R’s launch, the market place was swamped with braking packages from various manufacturers. At SVM we have made the choices easier and that is why we have set a our own brake packages for you to choose from based on our experience with many types. Alternatively however, for those of you who want a ‘specific’ package that you have either decided yourself or maybe tried before we are more than happy to try and get you a competitive quotation (e.g. AP Racing Radicals).

Depending on your requirements we can offer braking solutions which are excellent replacements for OEM discs right up to hardcore Carbon-Ceramic discs which are incredible for track or for those who want the best.In the brake packages that we offer though all the rotors are slotted to avoid cracking from happening.

Level 1  Fast Road

We recommend ‘DBA Brakes’ Discs (Rotors) as our choice for fast road which we source all the way from Australia as they are so excellent, they also mount straight onto the OEM bells. These discs are track proven (Nürburgring, Silverstone and more) and have been used to great acclaim by our professional driving customers. They are also unique that they use a kangaroo paw design for heat dissipation.

They not only lasted much longer without cracking, several drivers reported improved brake pedal feel and easier pedal modulation. The best thing is that these upgraded discs cost even less than standard factory replacements!!

Together with the DS2500 Ferodo Pads they make for a excellent package to replace your OEM Brakes when the
time comes to changes them.

Front and Rear Package Price from £1833.33 Exl VAT & Installation (Depending on Year of Manufacture)


Level 2

At this level we recommend a Dixcel set up, Now some of you may not have heard of this brand but let us assure you that @ SVM we make it our priority to provide you with some of the finest products available on the Market and this is one of those brands!

Slotted Carbon Steel Front & Rear Rotors

Special Compound A Front & Rear Pads

We have tried and tested this on GT-R’s running over 1000bhp (Stopping is just as important as power) but more
important where the true test of these brakes has come to fruition is when “Richard Marshall’s R35 GT-R won it’s
Time Attack class! With stopping power of a Dixcel Set-up!

During his Racing Season Richard never once had Brake Fade ! this really is a true testament to the braking power and ability of Dixcel Brakes.

We have had customer’s report back to us that they have pulled over 1.2G in braking force !, If you want stopping power these will deliver!

Front & Rear Package Price £4250.00 inc VAT & Installation (All Models of R35)

Level 3

Stillen Nissan GT-R R35 Carbon-Ceramic Matrix Brake Upgrade

The STILLEN R&D team continues to develop industry-leading performance products with long-standing technical partner AP Racing. Their hard work has resulted in the release of the next generation in Carbon-Ceramic Matrix (CCM-X) brakes for the Nissan GTR. This kit utilizes a new High Thermal Capacity (HTC) process which helps pull the heat from the CCM disc surface deeper into the 3D core to allow the discs to operate cooler through more efficient use of internal venting and air flow.

More Information On Stillen Brakes

Stillen Nissan GT-R R35 Carbon-Ceramic Matrix Brake Upgrade – £14995.00 Exl VAT

Other Options:

Due to the many suppliers we have accounts with, if there is a particular brand that you would prefer please do
speak to one of our sales team and we will be more than happy to help.

Brake Manufacturers we deal with are :

AP, Alcon, Brembo, Carbotech, DBA, Dixcel, Ferodo, Pagid & Stillen