Chassis Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Chassis

What is already a excellent handling car, we can tweak this to make it even better!

The combinations that are available are endless however at SVM we have tried and tested and are able to offer what we feel are some of the best packages available depending on your requirements.

Anti Roll Bars / Sway Bars

We use the finest quality of brands and Eibach is our preferred choice for an upgrade to the R35, elminating almost all body roll and making turn in sharper. This is a low cost but high gain upgrade for your pride and joy!

£780 inc VAT & inc installation


We are able to offer many variants of suspension set-ups, to view them click here: Suspensions.

Roll Cages

For the more Hardcore GT-R Customer we offer various trims of Roll Cage, whether it just be for added safety and chassis Stiffening or for a particle style of Motorsport we are able to meet the very highest of standards.

Cage’s can be exactly tailored to your requirements. It can be weld-in or bolt-in; mild steel, 4130 chrome-moly or T45; FIA spec or MSA spec or SFI spec; in fact pretty well anything that is physically possible. The tubes are CNC bent and all welding is TIG. We have also made show-only aluminium cages.

Pricing will depend on material, style and complexity of the cage; Prices quoted are for cages that are fully fitted, ready to be scrutineered, as either bolt-in or weld in.

Here is a Cage that we have made for fast road use, still allows total usability of the front seats without having to climb over door bars but gives you that added piece of mind of safety with the bonus of giving that Hardcore Motorsport look !

Price £POA

For those of you who really want a track orientated cage, we can oblige. In roll Cage 2 you will see this particular GT-R has a 850 Spec Cage which is fully approved. We have the benefit of working with one of the finest names in the drag Racing based in the UK Andy Robinson Race Cars who work very closely with us on providing the very best solutions for your individual needs.

Price £POA