Cooling Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Cooling

SVM has designed and developed a whole host of cooling products that are bespoke to us.

We are also unique in being the only Company to supply Marston’s Aerospace Cores for the GT-R, these cores are used in Koenigsegg. We are able to supply and install original Nissan Parts and also Upgraded Inter-coolers, Gearbox Coolers, Engine Oil Coolers, Power Steering Coolers, Diff Coolers etc etc…


It is very important in any performance upgrade to keep temperatures under control, Using the finest quality cores and a local based UK firm to produce our own SPEC of Intercoolers SVM is able to offer you a range of products to suit your requirements. We are the only Company to offer a Marstons AeroSpace Core Intercooler for the R35 GT-R. This product has been tried in 900bhp + cars not only in the UK but in warmer climates such as Portugal, Spain, Romania. We also use the same core on THE HULK our World record breaking GT-R

Engine Oil Coolers & Power Steering Coolers

We have had these built either in OEM Format as a direct upgrade with the minimalist of alterations or a Motorsport variant allowing the use of improved pipework and connections. Depending on your requirement and desired application we will help you purchase the right one for you. We also offer the facility to have custom size cores made should you have a aftermarket Front Bumper (eg Top Racing) which has larger air ducts in it.

Gearbox Coolers

These are supplied to work in conjunction with a uprated Billet Gearbox Sump (Larger oil Capacity) Using a uprated Core,linked to a high quality Motul Pump through Braided Goodridge lines and Connectors these kits are not only controlled thermostatically but also have a manual over-ride for those who might require it. An Ideal edition for High Power GT-R’s but also those who like to do a few Track Days.

Diff Coolers

After looking at various brands of Diff coolers we decided to take the positives aspects from each kit to develop our own. Using high quality cores, Reliable Pumps and the best quality of pipework and connectors SVM are able to provide you with a product to give you that piece of mind to keep temperatures under control