ECU Upgrades & Remapping Nissan GT-R

ECU Upgrades – Engine Managment

At SVM we want to be able to offer you the customer the very best choice in controlling various electronic features of your GT-R not only to help release more power.
We Offer 2 Levels to choose from:

AccessPORT COBB NIS 06 with TCM Software Prices from £850.00 Exc VAT

Syvecs S8 with Stand Alone Toucan Display Prices from £4099.00 Exc VAT

EcuTeK – EcuTek ProECU KIT, Including Engine & TCM Prices from £850.00 Exc VAT


ProECU Nissan GTR utilises and displays all the standard Nissan diagnostic parameters for both the Engine Control Module (ECM), and Transmission Control Module (TCM), as well as custom parameters using RaceROM feature enhancements. These can be logged and viewed using in-built datalogging facilities, providing even more information for tuning and diagnostics. When connected to a car, ProECU Nissan GTR can offer real time data and map tracing. Map tracing shows, in real time, the areas of each map that are being read and used. The following example data shows 33 out of approximately 90 live data parameters is available from the “Live Data” tab of the ROM file being accessed. This data is accessed directly from the Engine Control Module (ECM),in real time

FlashCAN Nissan GTR provides access to a wide range of calibration options for the OEM ECU, such as:

  • Boost Control
  • Fuelling
  • Ignition Timing
  • Cam Timing
  • Accelerator to Throttle Mapping
  • Speed Limiters
  • Rev Limiters
  • Sensor Scaling
  • High Speed ECU Programming-25 Seconds
  • High Speed Custom Datalogging
  • DTC Cleaning, Enable & Disable
  • Pedestrian Safety System DTC Cleaning
  • RaceROM Feature Enhancements

For more information on EcuTeK click here


The Simplest form of the ECU Upgrade comes in the Form of the AccessPORT COBB (AP COBB). This Stand Alone unit can be installed and uninstalled very easily, We have tried and tested the COBB and the bespoke mapping in Record Breaking GT-R’s that SVM have built. The Nis06 also allows you greater flexibility of upgrading Transmission Software and adjustment of Clutch settings a must on High Power Conversions.

Flashing the factory ECU for more power is just the start of what the AccessPORT is capable of. The AccessPORT’s full-colour screen, intuitive interface and extensive features allow you to easily interact with your car in ways you never thought possible.

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Anyone can install the AccessPORT. No wire cutting/splicing or tools of any kind are required.
  • CHANGE MAPS: Store up to 100 maps in the AccessPORT. Change maps whenever you want and be ready for any situation.
  • FAST ECU FLASHING: Allows ECU map change flashing time to be reduced to 40 seconds or less!
  • TCM FLASHING: Re-flash the Transmission Control Module to enhance launch control, perform factory gear learning, and adjust clutch capacity and touch points.
  • MAP SWITCHING: Switch to another map on-the-fly while you drive for optimal tuning for every situation.
  • MAP SLOT THROTTLE TABLES: Each map slot now has unique throttle profiles, increasing the level of customization for each map slot.
  • SPEED DENSITY TUNING: Tune using the MAP sensor instead of the MAF sensor for big-power builds that exceed the stock MAF sensor’s maximum capacity.
  • REALTIME TUNING: Changes can be made to the map in realtime, while the engine is running. Greatly speeds up the tuning process and allows quick changes to powerful features like Launch Control, Flat Foot Shift and map switching.
  • KNOCK INDICATOR: View knock events, as they occur, on the factory in-dash display.
  • DATA LOGGING: Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance. Stores up to 10 hours.
  • GAUGES: Monitor OEM sensor data on-the-fly. Use the AccessPORT as an additional gauge to monitor data directly from the ECU.
  • PERFORMANCE MEASURING: Welcome to your own performance evaluation suite! Measure 0-60mph time, 60 foot and 1/4 mile ET’s, Trap Speed and dyno simulation tool.
  • FUEL ECONOMY COMPUTER: View Instantaneous, Average or Accumulated Average fuel economy in realtime on the AccessPORT screen.
  • TROUBLE CODES: Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues. Clear them when resolved. Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.
  • SIMPLE UNINSTALL: Restore your vehicle’s ECU to its original factory configuration simply by performing the Uninstall operation.
  • Further details on the AccessPORT Cobb Nis 06 with TCM Software, click here
  • AccessPORT Cobb Nis 06 with TCM Software

    Power, Flexibilty & Control.

    The AccessPORT is the industry leading OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring assistant. Unlock power hidden within the ECU by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. The result is impressive gains in torque and horsepower while maintaining a high degree of safety. The AccessPORT comes with pre-installed maps that are optimized for common performance modifications. But at SVM we work very closely with Ben Linney in making bespoke maps that are suitable for your GT-R we do this because we know every car is unique in it’s own special way.

    Simple Installation

    The AccessPORT is one of the easiest modifications you can make to your high performance vehicle. On a scale of one to four wrenches, the AccessPORT is half a wrench. Drawn in crayon. No tools are needed and no computer connection is required. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port under the dashboard and follow the simple step-by-step on-screen instructions. In just a few minutes you will have a new performance map loaded on your ECU and you will be ready to experience the additional power and driveability of a proper tune for your modifications.

    Change Maps on the move

    The AccessPORT can store up to 20 maps so you can be ready for any challenge. Use the Change Map function to browse the maps stored on your AccessPORT and select the map most appropriate for what you want to do. Parking your car overnight? Load the Anti-Theft map. Handing your car over to a valet for dinner? Switch to the Valet map to prevent abuse. Running down the drag strip to beat your last ET? Fill up the tank with race gas and load up your race fuel map. Heading out on a long boring highway drive? Perfect time for that fuel economy map.
    It’s like an MP3 player for your engine. The “songs” are maps and the “music” plays through the exhaust! What song is up next? You decide.

    Performance Data

    Every AccessPORT has built in Performance Monitors. These are great for showing the performance of your vehicle in the current state of tune with the modifications you have installed as well as helping to quantify performance gains when you make additional modifications. These are also great tools to help you improve your skills at the drag strip. It’s like printing off your own time slip any time you want!

    The following Performance Monitors are available:
    60′ Time: Elapsed time to 60′ distance. Indicates how well your car is hooking up off the line.
    330′ Time: Elapsed time to 330′ distance.
    0-60 mph: See where your car stacks up against the 0-60mph times published in the major car magazines.
    1/8 Mile: Elapsed time and vehicle speed at 1/8 mile distance (660′).
    1000′ Time: Elapsed time to 1000′ distance.
    1/4 Mile: Elapsed time and vehicle speed at 1/4 mile distance.
    Dynamometer: This monitor simulates a dynamometer. Based on vehicle weight and acceleration rates, it estimates the horsepower of your engine. This is a great tool for evaluating performance gains after completing new modifications or installing a different performance map.

    Data Logging

    The AccessPORT functions as a hand-held data logging device. There is no need for a clunky PC to ride shotgun with you in the passenger seat. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port, select Data Logging from the menu and choose which monitors you wish to data log. Choose as few or as many monitors as you like. Hit enter and data logging begins. Once the data gathering is complete, hit the enter button again. The data is stored as a data log file within the AccessPORT. The AccessPORT can store up to 10 individual data logs and the combined duration of data logs can be up to 10 hours.
    The data logs are stored on the AccessPORT for as long as you want them there. Just unplug the AccessPORT and put it in your pocket, back-pack or briefcase. Your data goes with you with all the portability of an MP3 player. To analyse the data, simply plug the AccessPORT into any PC and download the data logs. The data can then be imported into your favorite spreadsheet or graphing software for detailed analysis.

    Data logging monitors consist of both raw data types and calculated data types. Some examples of data logging monitors are throttle position, boost, ignition advance, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, fuel trim, battery voltage, intake temperature, coolant temperature, injector duty cycle, air/fuel ratio, knock correction, knock learning, injector pulse width, calculated load and many more. When logging multiple monitors, it is easy to see how powerful a tuning and performance analysis tool AccessPORT Data Logging can be.

    Live Data

    The Live Data feature allows you to view sensor data and calculated values in real-time right on the AccessPORT. There is no need for a clunky PC to ride shotgun with you in the passenger seat. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port, select Live Data from the menu and choose a monitor to view. Any monitor that can be data logged can also be viewed in real time using this feature. Live Data can function as an auxilliary gauge to supplement the stock gauge cluster, or it can be used to help in fine tuning custom tunes.

    Unlike dedicated auxilliary gauges that can clutter up your dashboard, the AccessPORT functions as a soft gauge, allowing you to decide what gauge to display. Some examples of possible gauges are throttle position, boost, ignition advance, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, fuel trim, battery voltage, intake temperature, coolant temperature, injector duty cycle, air/fuel ratio, knock correction, knock learning, injector pulse width, calculated load and many more. As you can see from this small sampling, some of these monitors would be impossible to duplicate with a traditional auxilliary gauge.
    The AccessPORT also has a full fuel economy suite built in for live viewing. Keep an eye on your Instantaneous Fuel Economy to see how your driving inputs affect fuel consumption. This is a great tool for helping you develop a high fuel efficiency driving style. Average Fuel Economy shows your fuel mileage for the current trip you are on. The Accumulated Average Fuel Economy shows the overall fuel mileage across multiple trips. The Reset Fuel Economy feature can be used to zero out your Average and Accumulated Average Fuel Economy and lets you start again.

    As an added bonus, the AccessPORT screen can also function as a Rev Warning Light. Simply enter the RPM you want the Rev Warning Light to activate at. The screen will brightly flash red and white to alert you when that RPM has been reached, while simultaneously showing a Live Data monitor!

    Trouble Codes

    The AccessPORT allows you to read engine codes to help troubleshoot issues and potentially save you from an expensive trip to the dealership. A brief description of the trouble code is also provided, which is handy when you don’t happen to have a shop manual in your pocket.

    The AccessPORT will read any trouble code reported by the ECU. In most cases this equates to hundreds of trouble codes and descriptions to help diagnose issues where ever you may be. Once the issue is resolved, the AccessPORT can be used to clear the codes to turn off the check engine light.


    In the event that the car must be returned to the stock configuration, the AccessPORT can be completely removed and the ECU restored to its factory condition. Once the AccessPORT is uninstalled, it can be installed on a different vehicle of the same make/model/year. Since the AccessPORT can be uninstalled, combined with the ability to update the AccessPORT firmware via the internet, it retains a high resale value.


    The AccessPORT is the most user friendly and interactive ECU tuning solution available for your high performance import. Using the AccessPORT is incredibly simple. The vibrant full color screen, intelligent menu architecture and intuitive button interface work together to provide seamless navigation. It can easily be mounted to the dashboard for on-the-fly use and viewing.

    This is good, because there is a lot the AccessPORT is capable of aside from reflashing your vehicle’s ECU for significant power gains. These are some of the ways you can continue to use the AccessPORT after the map is flashed to your ECU:
    Set as a Rev Warning Light
    Use as a shift light.
    Set desired RPM to trigger.
    On-Screen Sensor and Data Monitoring
    Use as an auxiliary gauge.
    Select from many channels to view live data.
    On-Screen Performance Measurement
    0-60mph timer.
    1/4 mile electronic time slip (60′ time, 330′ time, 1/8 mile ET and trap, 1000′ time & 1/4 mile ET and trap).
    Simulated dynamometer measures modification gains.
    On-Screen Diagnostic Trouble Code Tool
    Read ECU trouble codes and trouble code definitions.
    Reset trouble codes to turn-off check engine light.
    On-Screen Map Library Viewing
    Read details of the currently installed map.
    Browse and read details for every map loaded on the AccessPORT.
    Select and load any of up to 20 maps stored on the AccessPORT.
    On-Screen Fuel Economy Gauge
    Instant Fuel Economy lets you see how your driving inputs affect fuel mileage.
    Average Fuel Economy shows fuel mileage for current trip.
    Accumulated Average Fuel Economy shows fuel mileage spanning multiple trips.
    Reset Average and Accumulated Average Fuel Economy to start over.


    The AccessPORT is ready to go when you are. Right out of the box, simply plug it into your car’s OBD-II port and install. No tools or special skills are necessary. It’s small size makes it very portable, easily fitting in a shirt or pants pocket. And the full color screen and simple intuitive interface gives you the power to control your ECU right in the palm of your hand. In multiple languages.

    Take up to 20 map calibrations with you on the run. All of your maps can come along for the ride. Easily experiment with different launch control settings without the hassle of a computer. Keep a high boost map, aggressive timing map and a race gas map with you and load when needed.

    The AccessPORT comes with many maps pre-installed. These maps cover many of the most common modifications performed by fellow enthusiasts. There are also maps included to protect your vehicle from abuse. Load the Anti-Theft map to prevent your car from being started when you are away. Or load the Valet map which limits revs and boost when you are out on the town and your car is in the hands of someone else.

    When the time comes to return your car back to its original stock condition, the AccessPORT can be completely uninstalled in just a matter of minutes. It just takes a push of a button and no tools or computer are needed.

    The AccessPORT is the ultimate hand-held ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!


    Purchasing the AccessPORT gives you access to COBB Tuning’s outstanding customer support. Our Customer Service and Technical Support staff is standing by to help you with any issues that may arise. Subject matter experts are only a telephone call or email message away.

    COBB Tuning also hosts forums specifically for AccessPORT users. The forums are divided into vehicle make and model, and are a great place to share experiences with other enthusiasts. These forums are monitored by COBB Tuning engineers and subject matter experts who will provide guidance and support when necessary.

    COBB Tuning also has an extensive network of independant professional engine tuners, called the PRO TUNER network. These tuning experts use AccessTUNER Pro software to custom tune your AccessPORT should you want to extract the maximum power gains available. These tuners have the latest versions of the AccessTUNER software and are directly in contact with COBB Tuning Calibration Specialist to meet the most exacting needs of the tuning enthusiast.

    With the AccessPORT, you can always get in touch with the people that research, design, build, maintain, update, sell and take responsibility for the product. Many other tuning solutions do not have this same level of support and accountability. Consider this in when making your final purchasing decision.


    The AccessPORT is a mature product that has been deployed on 20 different vehicle models with tens of thousands of units in the field. While firmware and software upgrades keep the AccessPORT on the leading edge of tuning capabilities, the hardware design is well proven and very dependable. COBB Tuning backs up the AccessPORT with a full 1 year warranty on on parts and service.

    COBB Tuning is so confident in the capabilities of the AccessPORT that we offer a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the AccessPORT, return it within 30 days from the date of purchase and you will receive a full refund. We know that the right solution is critically important to tuning enthusiasts. COBB Tuning makes purchasing the AccessPORT a “no-risk” buying decision by guaranteeing sastisfaction, or your money back!

    The AccessPORT is designed to grow with the ever changing modifications the most demanding tuning enthusiasts aspire to. Likewise, the AccessPORT itself must change and grow to stay on the cutting edge of tuning capability.

    The AccessPORT is fully upgradeable via an internet connection. The included AccessPORT Updater software automatically checks to make sure that the firmware on your AccessPORT is the most up to date version available. This ensures your AccessPORT has the latest and greatest functionality available for your vehicle model.

    Off-The-Shelf Maps available in the AccessPORT Map Database are often upgraded to take advantage of the latest table discovery or new features deployed on the AccessPORT. Updated maps are publicly announced and are available for free download. The AccessPORT Manager allows easy transfer of maps and data logs between the AccessPORT and PC.

    Our AccessTUNER Race and AccessTUNER Pro software also receive updates to provide additional access to tables and control of new features as ongoing ECU discovery opens up new functionality. Software upgrades are announced and download links are provided to AccessTUNER software users.

    These ongoing upgrades keep the AccessPORT relevant and breaking new ground in the tuning world. This dedication improving the AccessPORT keeps it high demand and ensures impressive resale value should you ever need to sell it.

    Tune – Control the power

    Pro Dyno Tuning

    When you need to extract as much power as possible from your engine configuration, a Pro Dyno Tune is a must. Our network of PRO TUNERS use AccessTUNER Pro software and their professional tuning skills to customize the tune on your vehicle to exactly match the installed modifications. Our PRO TUNERS work their magic in a controlled environment on a dyno. This provides a safe and repeatable way to incrementally make changes to the map and slowly work up to large gains in power with adequate margins of safety. Only on a dyno is it possible to keep the engine at a constant load in order to optimize the tune cell-by-cell.

    GTC has dyno facilities for those who wish to have dyno tuned.


    E-Tuning is an electronic tuning service provided by Pro Tuners using AccessTUNER Pro software. A professional custom tune on a dyno is by far the most effective tuning method, but is not always possible due to lack of Pro Tuners in your geographic location or financial constraints. E-tuning is a cost effective way to have a professional custom tune your car for the modifications you have installed, without the expense of dyno time.

    E-tunes are conducted by data logging engine sensor data using the AccessPORT’s Data Logging feature, then emailing the data log to your tuner. The tuner analyses the data, modifies the calibration and emails an updated map to install on your ECU. The process repeats a few times until the tuner and the customer is satified with the resulting data and driveability.

    E-tuning is a great way to have a map custom tailored to your latest modification or create a map for race gas without the expense, time and travel associated with a scheduled dyno tuning session.

    GT-R AccessPORT w/TCM

    POWER. FLEXIBILITY. CONTROL. The new GT-R AccessPORT with TCM support is the industry’s first OEM ECU and TCM flashing, managing and monitoring assistant. Unlock power hidden within the ECU by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Upgrade the factory Launch Control logic and enable Run Clutch Gear Learning, Clutch Touch Point and Clutch Capacity adjustments. The result is impressive gains in torque and horsepower with improved transmission responsiveness and driveability, all while maintaining a high degree of safety. The AccessPORT comes with pre-installed ECU and TCM maps that are optimized for common performance modifications.

    Tuning flexibility ranges from simply loading one of the included performance maps designed for common modifications, all the way to complete custom map authoring using our powerful AccessTUNER software. Extract maximum power from virtually any modification while retaining the driveability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU. [/slide] [/accordion]

    AccessPORT Cobb Nis 06 inc TCM (Gearbox) Software £850.00 Exc VAT

    Bespoke Tune up-to 650BHP £165.80 Exc VAT

    Bespoke Tune over 650BHP £312.50 Exc VAT



    For the more Serious connoisseur we are now a dealer for Syvecs S8, this is the very best form of upgraded ECU for your R35, if you want the best then simply look no were else.

    The Syvecs SGTR Kit brings a new level of Engine Management control to the Nissan R35GTR by simply plugging in the kit a whole new level of control is available offering the following and more!

    • Live Tuning of every aspect of the engine’s calibration, including signals sent to the TCM and 4WD
    • Adjustable Shift rpm and Speed lockout
    • Ability to select desired engine map, boost level, traction and launch control levels through steering wheel buttons
    • Fully adjustable Launch control with Anti-lag strategies and Ramp in Maps
    • Full Variable Valve Timing control
    • Closed loop Dual Lambda Control
    • Fully adjustable closed loop boost control with launch level adjustments and trims for turbo speed, air charge, engine coolant temp, exhaust gas temperatures etc
    • Monitor and trimming of exhaust gas temperatures
    • Built in data logging of up to 8 hours, with data rates at up to 1000hz
    • Pit lane limiter strategies, great for building boost on a roll
    • Antitheft and valet modes
    • Super fast connection via RJ45 Ethernet port for live tuning anywhere in the world or even remotely if on track if connected to a wireless unit.
    • Adjustable traction control strategies based on lateral g, steering angle and/or individual wheel speed monitoring
    • 4 programmable and selectable target slip maps. An immediate torque reduction can be applied by the ECU via ignition retard or a fuel cut
    • Configurable Engine Safety Trips on all important parameters like oil temperature, oil pressure
    • Fuel pump control of both main, and sub pumps, as well as Relative fuel pressure monitoring and limiting in the event of fuel pressure dropping on boost
    • 4 different Pedal to Throttle Angle maps with multipliers for different parameters e.g. speed. Again adjustable via steering wheel buttons
    • Configurable individual cylinder closed loop knock control, to suit any cylinder modification with adjustments to frequency, windows for listening and gains for each cylinder. Ability to trigger full cylinder shutdown in severe knock conditions
    • Ability to change torque levels or demand levels sent to 4wd unit and TCM ECU for changing of up shift and down shift points, clutch pressures and diff tightness
    • Change torque reduction levels on shifts. Essential for very high power GTRs where the maximum reduction available via the stock ECU is not enough to prevent damage to components
    • Ability to change Torque ramp in after launch
    • Change throttle blip requests to match your torque band. Especially useful on over sized turbo installations.
      Run up to 7 bar map sensors
    • Control high or low impendence injectors
    • Control up to 12 injectors for high power installations where staged injection may be required
    • Change injector dead times based on voltage levels for proper control
    • Change injector end angle to ensure injection point is properly calibrated
    • Ability to fit any type of external sensor to monitor and trigger safety trips from anything from crank case pressure to damper position
    • Ability to use any size Larger throttle bodies e.g. SVM 70mm Throttle Bodies
    • Wet and Dry – Wet and Dry nitrous control with ability to drive solenoids directly and control n20 heaters via pressure monitoring
    • Ability to control any external vehicle features based on sensor inputs e.g. Adjustable rear wing linked to G force or exhaust control valves
    • Connect any race series dash or even one of our partners’ Touchscreen CANBUS adjustment /display units
    • View any input live with built in scope up to 1000hz
    • And much, much more!

    The Full plug and Play kit includes 2 Lab Grade NTK Wideband Lambda Sensors with a 2.5m loom, A Syvecs S8 ECU and a Loom adaptor. We specify superior Lambda sensors to improve accuracy in calibration control, as standard equipment sensors can be affected by exhaust temperature.
    We Recommend the Install of the Toucan Display Unit with the Syvecs S8
    Toucan is an innovative touchscreen display unit that connects, via CAN bus, to the Syvecs engine management system.
    It has 2 main functions:

    1. Easy naming and selection of Calibrations (or maps), in place of the standard rotary switch.
    2. Extensive gauge displays, complete with audible and visible alarms, as well as absolute and dynamic peak markers.

    Syvecs S8 inc GT-R R35 Loom Adapter £3750.00 Exc VAT

    Toucan Display Unit £350.00 Exc VAT

    Installation & Bespoke Mapping on a Rolling Road and then Road Mapped £1250.00 Exc VAT

    (This covers Rolling Road Time, Fuel, Transportation of your GT-R to and from the Rolling Road & Mapping)