Exhausts Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Exhausts

An Exhaust system is normally the very first modification that most GT-R owners like to make to their car! Apart from the benefits that you gain from allowing the engine to breath better thus gaining some extra “Horses” The actually style and tone of the exhaust seems to be quite an individual and popular choice.

The options available for this car are almost mind boggling, that is why at SVM we have chosen a select range to suit most people’s needs.

From a simple Y-Pipe to a Full System including, Downpipes we can provide you the complete option. We also offer full Fitting Facilities.

Stainless Steel or Titanium options are plentiful, 76/86/90 & 102mm Sizes. From our own Bespoke SVM Exhaust System to brands such as Akrapovic, Greddy and GTC Titan, we can supply you a system to suit your requirements. Should you be after a brand that we don’t list, please always give us a call and we will try our best to obtain it.

What SVM will say from our experience with the R35 is that as you let it breathe easier you will need to address the fueling. The best way of complementing your Exhaust Upgrade is to add an Access Port ECU Upgrade giving you plenty of room for upgrades in the future.

Breakdown of the GT-R R35 Exhaust System

Y-Pipes (The Most Popular Choice)

A very popular upgrade is the Performance Y-Pipe for the GTR which removes two of the restrictive exhaust Catalytic Convertors.

These are available silenced and non Silenced (Resonated or non-resonated) and in either stainless steel or Titanium and varying in diameter size.

This is the ideal first upgrade for customers that are disappointed in the standard cars muted exhaust note.

Improved exhaust note at both idle and full throttle.
Improved low rev torque
Twin flexible joints to allow movement
SVM recommend fitting with a Cobb Tuning Access Port for best results

Cat Back Systems (Choose a sound to suit your needs)

As you can imagine the plethora of systems available for the R35 can be a bit intimidating especially if you have a certain criteria to meet. Because SVM has 1st hand experience Tuning the R35 we can help guide you in the right direction.

We find that a lot of people who enquire about exhaust systems will possibly want to use the car on the Track Days. This sometimes poses a problem with noise level limitations. Not a problem, at SVM we will always help find a solution to the problem.

If you are thinking of possibly doing track days then use the link provided and it will inform you of what the “db” limit is. http://www.trackdays.co.uk/tracks/

SVM can supply Exhaust Systems from some of the finest names in the Industry!

Below are some of the examples of systems we supply

AkraPovic 86mm Titanium

These systems are made entirely of titanium. Not only does that increase the power output, but it also significantly reduces the weight. The attention to detail can be seen in every component. Concealed behind these aggressive tail pipes is the hard work of the Akrapovic R&D team. The entire titanium Evolution system weighs in at only 14 kg/32 lbs.

The GT-R system was designed to have an aggressive, yet sporty sound. Droning, which can ruin the entire driving experience, was carefully tuned out. You can also choose either titanium or carbon fibre tail pipes.

Greddy 94mm Ti Race System

The Greddy Titanium Race Exhaust is now available in a 94mm (3.7″) diameter straight piping. The Greddy Racing Titanium line is a true race inspired exhaust system. Based on their popular JDM Power Extreme II style, the Racing Titanium is very feel flowing, having larger diameter piping and minimal bends. As a true PRO system, the outer construction is full Titanium, from the flanges to the mandrel-bent piping, to the muffler canister and flamed outer-curled tip. Being full Titanium a weight saving as naturally gained.

Some of the key Features of the Greddy system:

Full Titanium Y-back Exhaust System
Ti Y-Pipe: 2x 80mm (3.15″) to 94mm (3.7″)
Ti Mid-pipe: 94mm (3.7″) (Ti Muffler Section: 94mm (3.7″) to 2x 80mm (3.15″) oval mufflers),(Ti x4 8mm (3.15″) to x4 Burnt Ti 115mm double wall tips.)
3 piece Exhaust System with V-band Connections

GTC Titan 90mm – Prices from £1800 inc VAT (Not Inc Y-Pipe)

The GTC 90mm Titanium System represents fantastic value for money, Recommended to be used with the Titan 90mm Y-Pipe (Resonated or Non-Resonated) it has a Super Car Roar to it yet not too obtrusive in the Cabin Area.

GTC 102mm – Prices from £2160 inc VAT (Not Inc Y-Pipe)

The GTC 102mm is there “Top of the Range” system, made from Titanium it is an ideal system for the GT-R looking for that something a little special, available with a choice of either Titanium or Carbon Tips.

SVM use this particular system on many of its high powered cars Inc “The Hulk, Mad Medusa and The Mighty Thor!” The system allows the cars to breath very easily and this is even more crucial on high power GT-R’s.

SVM 102mm Stainless Steel System £1980 inc VAT (Inc Y-Pipe)

The new kid on the block , is our very own 102mm Stainless Steel Sports system, made from Aircraft grade T304 Stainless steel this system truly is a performance orientated product with excellent power gains but with a trick up its sleeve so to speak. We have developed this system around many customers’ requests of a performance exhaust system which is “Track Friendly” with larger systems Volume has always been an issue, and we have worked very hard, to develop something new, a system to bring on power, and to be used without upsetting the neighbours or Track day officials.

Aesthetically we have tried to keep the look subtle yet have an impact and with polished end tips with or without the SVM logo.

On a recently carried out independent test, a SVM 102 was compared to a HKS Titanium system. A rolling road was done before the systems were swapped and the customer was amazed at the gains that SVM Exhaust had given him, so much so that he started a thread on the GTROC Forum to compliment the Exhaust system that we had developed.

Below is a Rolling Road Screen shot:

Here is a link to the article that was started by the customer: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/172144-svm-102mm-v-hks-spec-r-exhaust-test.html

Downpipes £840 inc VAT (This includes Heat Wrapping of the Downpipes to reduce temperatures in the Engine bay)

The Final part of the Exhaust System that customers tend to change are the Standard Downpipes on the GT-R which are normally installed with Cats (Catalytic Convertor) We offer a Replacement with Cast top and bottom ends for added strength.

These pipes weigh approx only 3.4 kg, stock being 10.3 kg. Plus the benefit of increased power! These pipes will allow the VR38 BEAST out of its cage as they remove the power robbing pre-cats and provide your Turbo’s with some room to breathe. The result of removing these highly restrictive catalytic converters is a deep growl, improved turbo spool, and an overall improvement in the responsiveness in the car throughout the power band.

Note when you remove the OEM engine cats check engine light will appear on EDM & UDM not JDM. We can remove this with the Access tuner software, so you’ll need an Access PORT. You will need one anyway as your R35 will run lean, Please speak to one of our experienced staff who will be more than willing to explain the best route to take to achieve your desired goal.

As catalytic converters will be removed, it is only recommended for motorsport use.