Gearbox Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Gearbox

An up-rated GT-R Gearbox can make a big difference to the performance of your GT-R. We work with some of the finest engineering companies in the world and are thus able to offer upgrades down to individual component level.

The Standard Gearbox on the R35 has a few flaws which become more apparent as the power levels on the car are increased. SVM are able to offer many of the component upgrades within the Gearbox from OEM parts to Albins, PPG, SVM or Willall.

Listed below are some of the available options:

  • Mechanical Circlip Upgrades – 1st Gear Upgrade
  • 1st to 6th Gear Upgrade – Input/Output Shaft Upgrade
  • Front Transfer Gear Set – Sump Magnets
  • Baulk Rings – Gear Stops
  • Piston Clips
  • In depth details about the upgrades above are explained below.


At the starting point, we suggest to customers, are the 3 Mechanical Cir-Clips to upgrade to. These are done as the prevention is better than cure analogy! The Standard Cir-Clip is like a washer and we have seen many cases of them coming off resulting in catastrophic damage where the entire gearbox has had to be replaced.

A cost effective upgrade, £1800 inc VAT and Installation, Oil Change and Set-up, can prevent replacing a gearbox costing thousands direct from Nissan.

See Pic Below of an OEM Clip compared to an Upgraded Cir-Clip

There are 3 Cir-Clips that SVM change, Designed, engineered and Manufactured in the UK!

Gear Upgrades

As Power levels increase and the pressure exerted on the gears is increased tremendously, we offer 2 of the finest manufacturers of Motorsport Gearbox Upgrades – Albins & PPG.

These upgrades are available to all power levels of GT-R but our own personal recommendations are as follows:

1st Gear Upgrades for people who like to launch there GT-R a lot or cars running more than 800BHP
1st to 6th Gear upgrades are a must for cars running over 1000bhp/Torque, we know from experience that 3rd and 4th gears are weak when entering 4 figure power levels.

Due to the Variety of Gear & Other Internal Transmission Upgrades that are available, please call to speak to us about your individual requirements.

Misc:When the Transmission, (GR6 as it is commonly known) is being upgraded, it is at this time that we would suggest the smaller items to be changed as follow :

Willall Gear Stops

Gear Stops are a set of specially machined ‘stoppers’ that control the gear selection distance at the driven end of the process – ie. They control the hydraulic piston travel and pull the selector up just short of the stoppers on the Synchro ring. This means that gears can shift without mechanical damage in the transmission cause via over-selection. The kit contains eight machined stoppers that only require the valve body of the transmission to be removed to fit, which makes it an attractive transmission upgrade without requiring full disassembly. Gear Stops are a sensible upgrade for any GT-R owner that doesn’t want to risk permanent transmission damage.

Willall Piston Stops

As the GR6 transmission wears over time the selector piston edges can become rounded off, and when they do the piston can spin putting it out of alignment and bringing on the dreaded transmission warning light. This is designed to stop this piston rotation from happening by clipping on to the centre of the piston and providing a stronger more durable edge for the selector fork to work against. The Part can be seen here clipped over the lower of the two pistons providing a much broader area to work against.

Baulk Rings

Damage to GTR Synchro assemblies is starting to become more common with age and typical wear and tear. Something that is becoming more frequent is damaged baulk ring. The factory baulk ring is stamped from metal and then has a friction lining glued to it to help brake the gear and match speed on shift. In other words it makes the shift nice and quiet, and it works very well until this happens.

This is an R35 baulk ring where the lining has come adrift from the inner and outer surface which means that the gear selection can start to ‘graunch’ and get crunchy in the background. We have seen this happen on reverse gear and first gear. The noise can be quite shocking and certainly doesn’t do anything any good inside the transmission.

Sump Magnets

These are Used one the inside of the Sump to pick up any particles or foreign objects and saving damage to the GR6 internals, A very inexpensive upgrade which can be carried out when having a Gearbox oil change.

Gearbox Oils

During the past 3 years of working on the R35 GT-R we have tried and tested many Transmission Oils for the GR6 Transmission. We offer a variety depending on the application and your requirements from some of the leading Manufacturers of Oils and Also we have had our own Blend developed.