800R to 1600R – Packages

800R to 1600R – Bespoke Nissan GTR Conversion Package

We offer bespoke builds from Stage 5 upwards. Above a 750R, requirements and solutions can vary to your individual needs. We are experienced in creating some of the best custom builds NOT only in the UK but Worldwide. Because of individual requirements at this level @ SVM we prefer either to talk to you on the phone or arrange a meeting were we can spend time with you discussing exactly what you require from the build and your goals.

We have built many Record Breaking GT-R’s for various tasks, below are just a few:

Richard Marshall – Time Attack Winner

850 TRS

F-Man – UK & European Qtr Mile Record

950R – The Mighty Thor

John Hanton – World’s Fastest 1KM (208.2mph)

1400R – Mad Medusa

SVM – World’s Fastest 1mile (218.01mph wet)

1200R – HULK

SVM have tried and tested many combinations of products, We have used our own Demo Car aka “The HULK” as a test mule so to speak and have had various specs of Engines and Gearboxes pushed to the limits in order to gain knowledge of what works and what does’nt. You have to push the boundaries and test products till they break then you can assess where the weakness lye and how they can be improved. That is why at SVM we push products in our own cars before selling them to customer’s.

Our Conversions are not just about engine BHP!, we try and put together a combination of the best products and this is what makes SVM conversions a touch above the rest, as the saying goes “Power is nothing without Control”

Forged Short Motors up-to 1600BHP

Custom Big Valve Heads

Nitrous Systems

Larger Inlet Plenums

Larger Throttle Bodies

102mm Exhaust Systems

OEM Derived Turbo’s Capable of up-to 950bhp

Bespoke Turbo’s & Manifolds 1000BHP +

Upgraded Gear Sets

Taller Ratio Crown Wheel & Pinions

Carbon Composite Wide Plate Clutches

Fuel Systems capable of running 99Ron/C16/C23/E85

Cooling Products by Marstons Aerospace (Exclusive to SVM)

So please contact us for a tailored solution….or even a World Record Breaking solution!

Whatever your needs are, we will try our very best to fulfill them.

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