Engine Internals – Stage 1

Level 1 Forged Short Motor (Suitable up to 850bhp)

This build consists of:

  • SVM Forged Rods (Developed to work with OEM pistons)
  • Nissan Bearing Set
  • Nissan General Gasket Set
  • Nissan Head Gaskets
  • Nissan Piston Rings
  • Hones Bores
  • Clean Oil Pump Assembly
  • Dynamic Balancing of : Crank/Rods/Pistons/Flywheel & Pulley
  • Joe Gibbs Running in Oil & Nissan Oil Filter
  • Millers CFS10w60NT Engine Oil & Nissan Oil Filter
  • 200-300 Miles Run-in Procedure

This build costs £4995.00 inc. VAT.

Labour £900 inc VAT (inc. Removal and Re-fit of Engine) Please Note that you do not have to pay this additional charge if your are having it done in conjunction with a Stage 4.5 or above build).

We have tried and tested various brands of Rod and Pistons thus we are able to offer the very best combinations to our customers. This short Motor Build is Perfect partner for Conversions upto 750R built to take power! We always recommend, to have some headroom, so running your engine at these power levels you are well within the capabilities of the build. SVM Short Motors are dynamically balanced to within 0.2g +/- (Normally OEM Tollerances are 2g +/-) doing this allows us to make sure that the engine has greater stability at higher engine RPM).

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