SVM New Build

ITS HERE! The UK’s biggest tuning garage, offering MOTs, Servicing, Remapping, Tuning, Mods, MOT Repairs, Tyres and so much more. 

This build has been going on for some time, now the doors are finally open, you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it!!



  There are also 6 MOT bays for in house testing, plenty of space around them so no squeezing in.

The  workshop floor space is a staggering 25,000 sqft of working space, with over 40 vehicle ramps.

Parking outside is easily capable of 200+ cars, and we can book you in for a same day MOT, while you wait!

including a geo ramp  for your wheel alignment needs.



Looking from a birds eye view lets you just appreciate the size of the space. Below are a few key points of the workshop.

  • 6 MOT Bays
  • High Security Fencing with 24 hour CCTV
  • 25,000 sqft of workshop space & 5000 sgft of reception /offices
  • Children’s play area in the waiting space


There are even workshop seats so you can watch your car getting MOT’d in person!

The reception is all crisp and fresh and we have also made sure the waiting area is a welcoming as possible, with drink machines, vending machines and a children’s play area in the corner.

Workshop computer room for fast MOT record access. You can watch as our technicians work

Stepping into the past, early 2015 shows the building finished, in its Pre-lighting and signing phase. Looking huge, Secure, but bare. 

Next came the internals, We needed to start kitting out the office and making it as presentable, welcoming and easy functioning. 

The reception is starting to come together now, also the upper offices are almost ready to furnish.

The workshop was also been revamped at the same time, hiding 40 ramps inside it’s colossal structure and 6 New Mot Bays

This was all before the floor had it’s eye sparkling paint job. 

THE BUILD – Step by Step

Now you’ve seen what the glorious building looks like as the finished article, now take a look below to see where we started, the initial blueprints and the step by step build!

Below is the building we started off with, needs a lot of TLC and a keen vision in mind!

As you can see there is a lot of work to do, no time like the present. We started gutting the offices and the reception area.

Then the heavy machines arrived !!

Work then begins on stripping all the overgrown garden out front to make room for the 150+ car park, The roof starts to get stripped down, markings on the floor are made for all the ramps and the floor cutting begins. All go!!

We started tearing up the old tarmac in the carpark as this will all be re layed with concrete, the old roof has also come off and the far wall knocked down ready to extend for the Motorhome MOT bay and the dedicated 4wd Dyno room! Exciting.

The side of the building starts to get leveled ready for the two extra entrance doors and even more room for car parking! Materials start to arrive, the hole for the ramps start getting cut out and the new roof gets started!

The MOT bay have now been hollowed out, We have also added drainage to them so there will be no water collection issues in the bays.

We then had an exciting desicion to announce, after much research and talking to many tuners our dyno choice is The Dynojet 424xLC Linx
This is Dynojet’s flagship 4 wheel drive dynamometer.
As a flagship model they have two retarders, and utilize 2 two foot diameter drums,negating any tyre slip or damage, this ensures accurate and repeatable figures.
The  machine is incredibly Robust (A main reason SVM have given it the thumbs up) It can test upto 1500bhp per axle
This data being processed by the new Dynojet DWRT electronic hardware and Powercore software
A major factor for our choice is the introduction of the Linx system means all 4wd vehicles can be tested, even with active central diffs.
Dyno Jet are the worlds largest manufacturer of rolling road dynometers, with over 6000 installations worldwide.

All the roof has now been put on, the ramp holes are now filled with concrete ready for the frames, the foundations for the reception/showroom extension is down. The perimiter fence posts have been laid and concreted, and the bay door hole are starting to take shape !

The old reception/showroom has now been knocked down so we can build the fresh extended versions! The main wall in the warehouse has also started to go up.

The old reception building is no more! Also our perimeter boundary walls start to evolve. The HD concrete walls form part of SVM’s security system and will wrap around the Site

The smaller side doors are now in and colour coded a nice blue.

We have redesigned the front plan,this is close to the “Look” of the finished article, Some of the security fencing has also been erected.

The Interior is coming along nicely most of the walls are up, some are painted, Most of the Doors are in and bricked up, we have even started to paint the steel work. The steel work is placed ready to install the sunken ramps.

The outside is coming along 5 doors up on the front elevation, just the right hand end bay to install and also the end cappings and edging corners to go on. The Giant reception and show room has also begun, Inside the main reception we have decided to have an Open plan look nice tall ceilings and plenty of room to stretch

Things are moving very fast, Interior shots and the wall that seperates the workshop from the showroom is up!

Side wall cladding is now up, all bay doors on, just finishing the 6th bay. All the showroom framework and roofing is up and ready.

Another shot from outside, updated internal view, ramps are starting to be fitted and the heating to keep the guys warm!

As you can see the concrete has been laid, just the through road to be done, both the workshop and reception/showroom are fully built

The space available outside for parking is more than adequate, plenty of room for car meets / events. We also have 2 other entrances around the side of the building and even more parking space.

Here are a few different angles of the building, and also a sneak shot of the inside.

We have most of the ramps fitted now and also starting to pop up the pictures on the walls

We’re very close now, time to pop the banner on the outer fence, we are hoping to open our doors late January 2015!

Most of the ramps are now in, absolutely massive space inside the building.

All the concrete has now been laid outside, as you can see, LOADS of space for car parking.

Few shots of the building externals, starting come to life. Not long left until we open!!

The build has come on leaps and bounds since the last update, the doors are very nearly open! 

We have on the front right 6 electric vehicle access doors easing the entry and exit points.

The property has the benefit of a large Individual site set on Halesfield 8 in Telford. We have installed high security systems. High fencing surrounding the 3.5acre site ..24hr CCTV Some 30 hd camera points , Night watch Patrol, ADT red care all part of the Security.
We have now finished the Entrance. A wide entrance, off the road opens into 8m Gates leading into the Main front forecourt.

Ample parking has been made available (some 200 cars)The forecourt is yet to be swept and marked out.

The Reception is very easy find and arrive at (Signs will be going up)

As you can see plenty of room outside

Two more Electric Doors support the GTR lads “Side entrance” Again opening onto a very large side forecourt 

The right hand side of the Property contains the Larger MOT bay (A 40ft pit) and to the rear The SVM Dyno Jet Rolling Road Cell

The Mot bay can be seen from the front (bay 6) However the Rolling road facility has his own access and parking

More on this later but for now we can confirm “The Buildings are up” and all the essential equipment has arrived on site.

We decided to “Light the property” at the moment we are sticking with Blue but as the lights are RGB this can change.


Last but not least, the Dyno is in and waiting to be fitted !! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the build, interested in seeing the scale of our new HQ? Then pop in for a tour.