SVM 102mm Stainless Steel Exhaust System (Inc Y-Pipe)

SVM 102mm Stainless Steel Exhaust System(Inc Y-Pipe)

Our original, and  very own 102mm Stainless Steel Sports system for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Made from Aircraft grade T304 Stainless steel this system truly is a performance orientated product with excellent power gains but with a trick up its sleeve. We have developed this system around customers’ requests of a capable performance exhaust system which is “Track Friendly” but with capacity to suit high-powered applications. With larger systems volume has always been an issue, and we have worked very hard, to develop something special, a system to bring on power, and to be used without upsetting the neighbours or track-day officials.

Aesthetically we have tried to keep the look subtle yet have an impact and with polished end tips with or without the SVM logo.

On a recently carried out independent test, a SVM 102 was compared to a HKS Titanium system. A rolling road was done before the systems were swapped and the customer was amazed at the gains that SVM Exhaust had given him, so much so that he started a thread on the GTROC Forum to compliment the Exhaust system that we had developed.

SVM 102mm Stainless Steel System £1650+vat (Inc Y-Pipe)

Below is a Rolling Road Screen shot:

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