SVM GT 1150 Nissan GT-R Turbos

SVM GT 1150 Turbos (Stage 6)

Since we began tuning the R35 GT-R when they were released. Not only in terms of tuning using parts from various manufactures, but also developing our own in conjunction with other companies in order to develop parts that can achieve the maximum potential of the R35 set up. One of these products is the SVM GT1150 turbocharger. These are the turbo’s that have helped us reach and break multiple world records as well as setting them. Providing power for our feature cars, the Hulk, Gundam & Mad Medusa which all have broken records and achieved speeds and power beyond what anyone would have imagined back in 2009 when Nissan released the the R35 stating it was “untuneable” Here is a video of Mad Medusa, an R35 built by SVM using the turbochargers we have developed with CR Turbo’s.

SVM – Montage of the Medusa

As you can see the power these Turbochargers produce (with a build to support them) is astronomical, and still running the OEM manifold.   We have been working very closely with UK Based Company CR Turbos Over the last Four years, Tweaking and developing designs across the various power ranges for the R35 GT-R. SVM have had a working relationship with CR Turbo’s for over 20 Years, it is important for SVM to work with some of the best guys in the industry. Already under SVM’s belt – European Records running into the 9′s with stock derived Turbochargers, BUT we wanted more from our Stock Manifold OEM Derived units. We wanted early spool, perfect road mannerism, more BHP and easier install than certain “Big” kits on the Market Place! The SVM GT 1150 has been conceived Spec is as follows:

  • C.N.C. Machined Compressor Cover gas Flowed
  • Billet Compressor Wheel more blades – 73mm High Flow – Extended Tip
  • Garrett GT3071R ball bearing Core Assembly with Phosphor Bronze Motorsport Bearing Carriers
  • GT30 Inconel – 84 Trim Larger Shaft Wheel
  • Modified Bearing Housing
  • C.N.C. Machined Turbine Housing – Flowed
  • Machined Stainless Steel Turbine End Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Shouldered Bolts for Clamps
  • 1.2 Bar Actuators
  • C.N.C. Machined Billet Actuator Brackets


Test #1

We wanted someone independent to try out and put the product to test: Enter “Ryan Griffiths” from Syvecs, “Tuning Guru” Ryan has much experience all over the world tuning. Including his own fly on the wall look into the dark world of UK Tuners Used to Bespoke turbo packages, many Monster GT-R R35 Builds Flexing their muscles, Ryan also had the unique insight of having previously installed “The Switzer Kit” on his own GTR. There kit has sold over 200 packages worldwide. Data gained would be invaluable in this evaluation (No pressure then for SVM to Deliver!). Our choice of Car, Turbo’s and tester was made. Ryan’s GT-R has a Forged Short motor but retain the Stock Heads and Camshafts The GT1150’s are unusual in keeping the stock manifolds at such high BHP level’s the Norm is to have bespoke external waste gates with cast or stainless expensive manifolds. The Reason behind an alternative approach is to reduce cost, save on fitting and keep it simple!

The Result

“Drivability not that out of place from OEM” says Ryan!

BHP and Torques on target, Ryan’s First power Run’s @1.4bar -1.6bar He chose to reduce Torques in the lower range from a shocking 800lbs/ft (he told me he was worried about his OEM box) The power Run Resulted in a Staggering 840.3BHP @1.6bar on 99Ron Fuel The result was even more impressive as the engine had stock heads/cams/valves none of the paraphernalia normally associated with big power build R35’s.

Test #2

Steve from the South’s GT-R differs from Ryan’s car in a number of ways but the main difference is that Steve’s GT-R is installed with SVM Big Valve Heads and Motorsport Camshafts these have been very closely developed in conjunction with Ric Wood from CNC Heads. Allowing an engine to breathe is very important and the result below shows exactly how much difference this can make!

The Result

“This Car just wanted to launch itself of the Rollers, Unbelievable power !!!!”

950 BHP and 855 Torques on @1.95bar on Pump Gas

Test #3

Using the Same SVM Stage 6 Turbo Chargers on Project Gundam with a Specially developed 3.8L High Revving VR38 Engine these Turbo Chargers produced 1025bhp and 983lbft on a Hub Dyno (Advanced ME)

The Result

The Combination of bespoke length Rods to help increase dwell, a very trick Cam and Valve set-up and a 6.5 bar Fuel system we managed to get the true potential of the Stage 6 Turbo’s.. With an estimated engine power in the region of 1200bhp on E85R Race Fuel.

Team SVM are confidant that this is simple the Best OEM Derived Turbocharger currently on the Market !, a fantastic achievement by UK Company -CR Turbos, For Pricing and Inquiry click here