Vehicle Tuning & Styling

Here at Severnvalley Motorsport we have been tuning more than the Nissan GT-R’s, offering specialist engine remapping to a wider market. Using industry standard equipment such as CMD Flash and WinOLS you can rest assured with our competitive tuning packages available!

Our main ECU programming tool is the CMD Flash, along with AMT Cartech MPPS, Dimsport Genius, and enough frames/sockets/adapters for many vehicles on the road today.

Bosch EDC17/MED17 with TRICORE Anti Tuning Processor is not a problem – we are able to tune these engines, some even through OBD Port (no opening ECU necessary). ALL software is modified in WinOLS. We do NOT outsource our work – All remapping is catered for by two in-house tuners at SVM.

Pricing is competitive – Please contact us for a quote