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The SVM GR400: Elevating the Toyota GR Yaris to New Heights GR Yaris Performance Package

GR Yaris Performance Packages from the pioneers of performance tuning in the UK, Severn Valley Motorsport brings you an innovative range of conversion packages for the Toyota GR Yaris, our flagship being the SVM GR400, affectionately dubbed the "Zero to Hero" package.

We pride ourselves on being among the first companies in the UK to provide such customised solutions. Our package features bespoke motorsport parts that have been leading the UK domestic market, powering some of the fastest street and track cars nationwide.

Our offering includes a state-of-the-art fuel injection system with an additional three 660CC injectors, along with upgraded fuel lines and adaptors to manage the increased flow. As demand grows for power above 400BHP, we're pushing our demo vehicle past 500BHP to rigorously test each component to mechanical failure, ensuring we provide a product that stands up to intense track action and spirited B-road drives.

Our conversions present an array of intercooler options, with the largest offering an 85% increase over the OEM size. In comparison to other aftermarket tuning boxes, our conversions shine: they don't trigger any warning lights, there's no power loss, and we've retained all OEM functionality, including features like lane assist. We've carefully addressed common faults and issues to offer our customers the best experience possible.

Here's a snapshot of the specifications of our most popular conversion 400 package:

  • SVM 9 Injector System with 3 extra 660CC Injectors

  • New SVM Fuel Rail & Fuel Line Upgrades with Adaptors

  • 4 Bar Map Sensor

  • SVM/ITG Panel Filter & 2nd Lambda Boss

  • DB/SVM Custom ECU Control Unit

  • SVM Intercooler Race Spec (85% larger than OEM)

  • SVM Turbo Back High Flow Exhaust & Sports Cat

  • SVM Hybrid V2 Quick Spool Turbo Kit & Uprated High Boost Actuator

  • Full Rolling Road Mapping Session and Full SVM Setup

  • Mac Boost Controller

  • SVM High Flow Fuel Pump

  • SVM Uprated Fueling Regulator

  • Uprated SVM Valve Springs & Retainers

With these SVM conversion packages, we're setting the trend and raising the bar for Toyota GR Yaris performance tuning, offering unmatched power and reliability for the discerning automotive enthusiast. We look forward to keep pushing out the envelope of what is possible with these 3 cylinder engines with constant package updates and upgrades.


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