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SVM: Turning Interesting Dreams Into Reality

Here at Severn Valley Motorsport, we are known to have done some crazy builds, like our Hulk GTR, our Nissan Qashqai R and our GR Yaris. However, there is a car that hasn't been mentioned, that certainly deserves to be. That car would our...

...Nissan Juke 700R. For those who don't know, the Nissan Juke R is a version of the Nissan Juke that has been modified to hold the internals of a Nissan GTR. The AWD system, the 3.8-liter V6, and drivetrain. With this, it became a short-wheelbase Nissan GTR, and the car was left stock. In Total, only 4 models were produced.

Now, this is where it gets even more interesting. At Severn Valley Motorsport, we managed to get our hands on a Juke R shell from RML, which is that company that helped to make this juke, and we decided to take this Juke one step further. we used our Severn Valley Motorsport magic, and modified the extremely rare car, and pushed the power output to a total of 700hp. With this power output, we decided to name it the Juke 700R, making this, a fifth model of the Nissan Juke R.

When it went up for sale back in 2019 by VDM Cars, the Nissan Juke 700r had only 12 miles on the odometer. An interesting fact about the Juke R is that of the 5 examples of this car, 2 of them were crashed and 2 belong to Nissan, making this the only one you could purchase, for €649,500, or £557,443.

A small list of the spec of this car is as follows:

Fitted with an integral roll cage and modified prop shafts

1,050 cc injectors

cast front downpipes

76-millimeter air intake system

a custom exhaust system

the dual-clutch transmission from the GT-R

Brembo brake callipers and discs

Bridgestone run-flat tires that measure 225/40 and 285/35 by 20 inches.

SVM fitted three-way adjustable coilovers plus adjustable drop links, front and rear roll bars, and top camber arms

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