HKS Hipermax IV Coil Overs - TOYOTA YARIS GR 20+

HKS Hipermax IV Coil Overs - TOYOTA YARIS GR 20+

VAT Included

The ride comfort required for daily use and sports performance such as stability has been improved in a well-balanced tune without losing stock comfortability.

Pursue a drivability at the specification setting, We could create suspension that the car movement easier to understand and allows the driver to have better control.

Testing various spring rates resulted in a suspension with a spring rate of F = 69 Nm (7 kg)/R = 59 Nm (6 kg) and a spring length of F = 200 mm (series barrel type)/R = 250 mm (series barrel type) that was suitable for a wide range of users.

Increase high rates springs are required for use in hill climbs and mini truck or use with high grip tires (ex Yokohama A052).

When the spring rate is changed, the spring length is automatically changed to F = 170 mm/R = 220 mm. The recommended dial for damping force when rate-up is F: D = 15/R: D = 13.

When considering a circuit attack, it is recommended to swing the rear suspension's toe angle to out. Understeer becomes less to come out, and you can get on the gas pedal earlier when you stand up from the corner. Control range of understeer and oversteer are also improved.

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