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Severn Valley Motorsport: The GTR the world was not ready for, the Hulk. A blast from the past

Here at Severn Valley Motorsport, we hold a lot of pride when it comes down to our work with all things GTR. An example of this would be our Nissan Qashqai R. A Nissan Qashqai with Nissan GTR internals, and pushing 1000+bhp. However, that is nothing compared to this, that we at Severn Valley Motorsport built.

I present to you... The Hulk. This GTR has been has been around for over a decade, and has received a lot of changes both inside and outside throughout its life. Back in 2012, it got its name out into the world by setting a world record top speed of 218mph at the RAF Marham military base in Norfolk, UK, and pushing a power output of 1,250hp, which is insane. Underneath the hood of this GTR, there is a huge amount of mods that were made to it.

The engine mods include:

-SVM HULK Spec Forged Blueprinted Unit 4.2L

-92.4 Billet Greddy Crankshaft assembly & boost logic Crank damper/ rotating mass dynamically balanced

-98mm Darton modular Integrated deck system (wet liners)

-SVM specification longer Carrillo connecting rods

-SVM Custom CP Comp Pistons & Higher Quality wrist pins & ARP bolts

-ARP L19 Head Extra high Strength Bolts

-Ferrera Valve Package with larger inlet and exhaust valves and titanium retainers

-Tomie 280 Profile cams with 11.3 lift

-CNC 5 angled valve pockets and CNC Balanced Porting

-Ported and Matched Inlet Manifolds

-GTC Billet winged engine sump

-HKS 45ml colder spark plugs

-Okada plasma Direct coil packs

the induction list includes:

-Large Greddy Throttle housings (awaiting first delivery from Greddy)

-Greddy modified steel manifolds/modified with v bands couplings & SVM support system

TX GT35 Garrett Turbo Chargers with ball bearing core assemblies & V Band Fitment

-Tial 44mm external waste gates V Band Fitment

-Custom 80mm down pipes Zercoated

-80mm hard pipe kit with SVM Green pipe couplers and Murray hose clamps

-80mm MAF pies with HPX MAF sensors

-HKS Blow off Valves

-GTC 102mm Titanium Exhaust system with 102mm GTC Y pipe fully resonated

-KN High flow air filter system with ram pipes & 90mm intakes

The cooling list includes:

Martons lightweight Aerospace bar and plate intercooler (only one of two ever made for an R35 GTR)

-Radtec high capacity engine and gearbox radiators housed into bumper

-Radtec alloy power steering reservoir

-Radtec water high pressure header tank and combi cam breathers with braided lines

-Radtec Race Spec radiator

-Radtec central block breather catch tank

-GTC water hoses and ECU Rad program

-65 deg thermostat and housing

The fuelling list includes:

-1600 ID Injectors High flow injectors

-Billet 12mm fuel rails with twin Dash 8 fuel lines

-Triple 1200bhp SVM Designed fuel pump system with swirl pot

-Fuel lab fuel regulator with braided lines

And the transmission list includes:

-Albins 1st to 6th Gear set kit Uprated & High Strength

-GTC 14 plate clutch system

-Upgraded 4wd Gearlock system

-Uprated Diff’s

-SVM gearbox cooler kit with additional fan and thermal control/motul pump and braided lines

-GTC Billet gearbox high capacity oil pan

-SVM synthetic 13lts duel clutch oil

-Shell helix racing oils

This was the GTR that the world was not ready for, and it certainly became a game changer and also become one of the most well known GTR's. Now, lets take a little jump into the future.

As of 2019, it had achieved a total of 2500hp, and managed to reach a top speed of 259 mph in 1 mile at the Elvington runway, which is an incredible achievement and feat performed by this GTR, which also won Severn Valley Motorsport its second world record.

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