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SVM: The GR Yaris demo car

Here at Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), we take a lot of pride in our GR Yaris's, like the customer built 600bhp GR Yaris. However, this GR Yaris is the reason other customer built GR Yaris's exist, as this one is the shop built demo car.

This GR Yaris gets pushed to the point of mechanical failure, and has seen every GR Yaris package that we have produced. This car allows us to be able to perfect our packages for our customers so that we can ensure that the package will no cause any issues for the customer that has payed a serious amount of money on it. This Yaris has also been featured on the automotive YouTube channel named "DMO deejay" in one of their videos.

The Yaris is now a staple for Severn Valley Motorsport, as it demonstrates what we are capable of doing, and what we are capable of providing for the customers vehicles. It shows that we at Severn Valley Motorsport are able to push boundaries and raise the bar in performance.

As of right now, it is currently being worked on. But it will be back soon, and ready to tear up the roads and turn everyone's heads once again.

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