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Severn Valley Motorsport: The revival of an old MK1 Ford Escort

Here at Severn Valley Motorsport, we have been restoring an old MK1 Ford Escort for a customer. This is a project that we were happy to take, as it provides an amazing demonstration of the skills at Severn Valley Motorsport. It has been a full restoration project, starting from the bare bones of an escort.

As of right now, this Ford Escort is looking pretty good, still requiring a couple touch-ups here and there on the exterior, and interior. However, the biggest highlight of this car is what's on the outside, its what's underneath the hood.

Underneath the hood, this little escort has the heart of a Cosworth engine, with a garret turbocharger. This Escort will soon be ready to dominate the streets and turn heads where ever it goes.

This Escort is an incredible project and demonstration of our skills, and we take pride in this little beast of a car. It is not yet finished, and there is still a bit more to come. keep yourself tuned in for the end result of this beauty.

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