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The SVM GR600: The GR Yaris that reaches the new unseen levels

Severn Valley Motorsport provide different GR Yaris packages like the "Zero to Hero" package. however, this might be the craziest package we have made for a GR Yaris. This package brings this car from a small 281bhp to huge 572bhp out of the small 3 cylinder engine. This makes this GR Yaris SVM's most powerful customer GR Yaris to date. We take pride in being one of the first companies in the UK to provide customers with such modifications to their cars.

This GR Yaris received the Kotouc 7-Speed sequential gearbox, which can only be acquired in the UK by us, Severn Valley Motorsport. It runs on E85 at 2.8 bar. Just to put it into comparison, this little car can out run a 750bhp R35 GTR. Our Demo car is the car that gets put to the test to ensure that the product we are providing to our customers is of the highest quality, meaning that this customer getting this GR Yaris will be receiving a high quality car.

The spec for this includes:

SVM Forged Engine.

Kelford race cams/springs

SVM Engine oil cooler/relocated oil filer, SVM breather system.

SVM Rear diff cooler

SVM Race intercooler/pipework

Modified Eventuri Air filter (additional secondary air feed)

7 speed Kotouc Gearboxes sequential gearbox

Billet flywheel

Paddle clutch

New improved SVM Turbocharger/ Lamspeed Racing Manifold, separate waste gate, interconnecting dump tube

SVM Race exhaust.

SVM modified Head gasket.

CP-Carrillo pistons/Rods/Lamspeed Headstud kit

CNC fully balanced

SVM new fuel system, High spec E85 pumps/lines/high flow injectors

High capacity oil systems in engine/gearbox and differential

Now, that same GR Yaris is in once again, for a new update on its package to reach the goal of 600+bhp, with a heap of new upgrades to push the limits even further. It will once again become SVM's fastest customer GR Yaris to date. This goal will be a crazy one achieve with the small 3 cylinder engine.

The spec for this GR Yaris is as follows: 7 speed sequential gearbox with programable LED display

carbon fibre shifter lever

New turbo kit

Syvecs ecu

SVM tune/map

Big stage 2 clutch kit

SVM fuel system

AN line fittings

3x high-flow injectors

HKS head gaskets + HKS head gasket STG oil cooler

ARP head stud kit

Link map sensor

STG two Kalford cams

Toyota crank bearing set

crank thrust

full engine gasket kit

valve springs

3x racing sparkplugs

SVM exhaust system. With builds like these, we will be raising the bar for Toyota GR Yaris performance tuning, offering unmatched power and reliability for the discerning automotive enthusiast. We look forward to keep pushing out the envelope of what is possible with these 3 cylinder engines with constant package updates and upgrades.

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